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TimeBolt | Instanly Remove Silences and Dead Air from Videos and Podcasts

TimeBolt can take a raw video / audio file and generate a super accurate, fully-jumpcut timeline in a matter of seconds. Render this timeline directly from TimeBolt or import the cuts made into Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve etc to finish crafting the perfect video!

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When a follower clicks on a link in bio of your social media account, they should ideally directly go into the corresponding app on their phone rather than opening the link in the web browser.

For example, if you simply link your YouTube video in your bio, the video will open up in the browser and not in the YouTube app. Opening the link in the web browser creates friction for the follower leading to a drop-off in engagement.

All of this can be avoided just by using an app-opening link! creates app-opening links that look very similar to the originals—this inspires trust that clicking this link will take them to the actual page rather than somewhere else and this implies better click-through rate.

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If you wish to create completely ad-free app-opening links, please create an account on the Platform. Creating a new account pre-loads it with 250 Ad-Free App-Opens.

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